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elevations, sections, int. elevations tips

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would someone be willing to share some tips on creating elevatons, sections & interior elevations? i am a new user (coming from microstation) and still on the learning curve. i'm trying to get through a small project and keep running into difficulties in getting out the basic drawings. i have tried to cut a building section but i only got a few walls and nothing else (like doors in the wall) showed up not even floor or clgs. when i did an interior elevation, i got a lot of lines coming up from the doors that i didn't need. i tried to add a filled shape over these lines but they still showed up.


vw architect 10.1/osX.2.4

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There are 2 ways to cut a section through a model view- 2D and 3D. For working drawings, I usually cut 2d, hidden line view. After its finished rendering, I command X (cut) the section. This is a group and can be pasted anywhere. Immediatley after pasting I edit the group and change all the lines to none class. This will prevent the loss of some lines you encountered. I them use this group to trace over my section. Its a little dumb, but it works great as a timesaver.

Interior elevations can be handled the same way. Make sure you are aware of your class settings. You're going to have to refer to the manual, check out the BBoard, and practice. Its a great program, but takes time to get proficient. Hope this helps...

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If an item does not show up in the 2D section, it could be because it is not filled. Or it could be a class issue, as described above.

The extra lines you see are generated when you convert a 3D section to lines. You have to enter the group of lines and delete them. This occurs because the 3D section converts everything to 3D polygons. If you convert a wall to lines, you will not get these extraneous lines (in later versions of VW only). So it is easier to get an exterior elevation, as opposed to an interior elevation. If you can create the interior elevation by removing walls instead of cutting a 3D section, life will be easier.

Speaking of this problem, NNA, how about a new way of doing a 3D section that actually cuts all objects at the line and does not convert to 3D polys? This would help with the other huge problem having to do with 3D sections - enormous expansion of file size and consequent impact on processing speed.

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This is how I do it....

If I want an elevation view of say the south wall (assuming north up orientation on the page) of a house, I merely select that wall in plan view switch my view to "front", then .../Tool/Convert Copy to lines- then "cut", and finally paste it on another layer.

You'll have a 2d elevation.

Works great.


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