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Could someone explain to me the coding for the fill colours please.

See file attached.

If i type in a random low number i get a colour but does not correlate to what is in the description of the node.

I can get RGB code but not a single number. Is there a chart for the colours.I understand background and foreground colours in Photoshop but how does it relate to VW? Is it related to background screen colour?

Have sort of answered my own question, the number relates to the location in the attributes pallet. Count across and down and you input that location to get the colour. But cant find the code for its location, only by counting along. Any ideas???

And I understand the fore and background, it related to the patterns.

Nothing in the node really tells you that this is what its for. Well to the programmer of VW maybe its childs play.

Without counting up on the chart to determine the location and input that number to get the colour is there something simple that I am missing??

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The answer lies in the vector script manual in the appendix. It shows the color palette with the numbers. the same for the patterns.

It is more difficult with the Pantone ™. What I did : made a rectangle went to the color palette, change to Pantone™, fill the rectangle and export to vector script (see the screen capture) You get values for the FillBack 61680,48573,57825 in this case magenta 0521 C. You can try the other figures they work the same.

It would be easier to have in the palette those numbers as VW like RGB instead of going through all this…

Hope this helps

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Bonjour , merci pour cela. (Google Translate)

Thank goodness for good hearted and knowledgeable people in the forum. Not sure how people are suppose to learn and use marionette to the fullest if there is very little in-depth information relating to how you use all the nodes. At least the explanation in the description of each node does not appear to be clear and I guess here is an example. I guess everyone is busy and its coming, mustn't grumble.

Well thanks again and I will have more questions as I explore Marionette.

A plus tard.

PS I wish I could speak French. Visited Paris to see the Xmas lights last year and enjoyed the parade on the Champs-Élysées and the Xmas markets.

After a bit of testing I think the codes for the colours are generated by VW because when I asked Marionette to tell me the colour codes I received the sort of reference numbers in the marionette description. See attached file.

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So the [0, 65535] range appears to relate to 16-bit intensity images where RGB related to 8-bit intensity images [0,255]

So it think and have tested this by using the rgb colours and multiplying each one by 257 you get the 16-bit number.


RGB(153,0,102) = (39321,0,26214) and you get the colour when entering it into the marionette node.

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Hi @AlanW spent most of the afternoon trying to figure the RGB value and came to the same conclusion you did about it being 16-bit.

I am trying to create some classes for a project I am working on and they define the layer names, pen thickness colour etc which they provide in excel format to be imported.

Unfortunately VW cant import so was trying marionette to see if I could do it that way and create the layers as classes which I have done thanks to @DomCnode "XLS GetValues" which works nicely for extracting the relevant values from the excel file to create the class names.

What I have been trying for the last few hours is to be able to set the class "Pen" and "Fill" colors using the "Set Pen Color" and "Set Fill Color" nodes with little success 😒


Do you have an example of how you manages to get the RGB color values to work?


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