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Bug with drawings created with older VW versions

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When using files created with an older version of Vectorworks (or from an old template file) I have come across this problem:

- if I use HCenter to get the coordinates of a handle, then create a rectangle in that point using RectangleN, the function doesn't work at all.

- The coordinate values in the old drawing have 4digits before decimal point and 10 digits after. If I copy and paste in place the same rectangle into a new document, the coordinates in the new documents have 5 digits and no decimal point at all.

The Document Settings and Unit settings of the two files are identical.. so there seems to be a problem with the X and Y values of points in the drawing space of old drawings.

Does anybody know anything about this behaviour and how to resolve this problem??

thanks for any suggestion


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Just to be sure both documents have the same version right ?

If for whatever reason the number of stored digits changed, can't you just "reset" all objects prior to copying them over ? If that doesn't help I can only assume the data is lost while copying.

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Yes, the two documents are saved with the same version, but one is newly created and the other has been converted from a Vectorworks 2009/2010.

I tried the following to rest all objects and their bounding box, but the issue still remains:


END;            { ForAll }

ForEachObjectInLayer(ForAll, 0, 2, 1);

Rather than the issue with copying objects between two documents, my main problem is that the function RectangleN is not capable of creating a rectangle when I use HCenter to get the coordinates of an existing object in the document which I want for the insertion point for the new rectangle.

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I tried centering the drawing on the Internal Origin and setting the User Origin to the Internal Origin. Unfortunately it did not resolve the problem..

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I can't find SymLoc in the vectorscript functions reference..

on the other hand, I need to read the center of the bounding box because that's where I want a new rectangle to be created (then move/edit it from there through other functions).

doing some more testing, I realised that the function that is not 'working' properly is LObject (to get the handle of the last object created) - it returns a point with crazy coordinates, therefore I get the problem getting HCenter for the last created object..

Exactly the same code works 100% fine with drawings that have been newly created with Vectorworks 2016..

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LObject isn't for the last object that was created:

Function LObject returns a handle to the last object in the first layer of the active document.

Use LNewObj, which is exactly to get the last created object:

Returns a handle to the last object created by a VectorScript function call during the current script execution.

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@GioPet: I'm very interested in what's not working and want to find out together what needs to be done to get it to work. I would love to add it to DLibrary once we have the solution.

It's what DLibrary is for: wrapping VS and avoid all weird stuff in it, making it easier to work with objects etc...

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Thanks for jumping in Dieter!

I just realised that the LObject definition is different between function reference VW2015 and VW2016 .. I was obviously looking at the old one..

I understand now why my code with LObject makes the script work when there is only one Layer in the document..

so, I have replaced LObject with LNewObj, which works for the parts of my code where objects are created by vectorscript.

My script starts with a call to the rectangle tool - CallTool(-203) -

then i need to get the handle to the rectangle created by the user, which LSactLayer does correclty.

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