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Extrude along path

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Hi, Is this the right way to extrude along a path?

I had a shape like a full width cup'd recessed door handle and I realized (I think) that I just couldn't point to the polygon, I had to draw it with the nodes, also discovered I could change the vertexes and radius them.

So is this how its done or is there a better way?

This is really a matter of playing with all the nodes.


Also I tried to place the handle on top of the cup'd door, sometimes it works and sometimes not. They work separately.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Alan

Nice, a Cabinet Door with a Handle profile ... :-)


Maybe it is better to use Linear Extrude for this. So you just input start and endpoint and not have to input a path object.


I would prefer to input this profile as a geometry. You can handle a Geometry by wrapping it to an marionette object and attach profile in the control group box:

1. Group Polygon

2. Connect controll geometry node and contend node to get poly

I think grouping is maybe necessary, to not have your poly as a control path. Or if you want to use different profiles. Also you could get your profile, out of a symbol definition (took a look at my exhibition wall example?).

For testing your code, Name the group with the poly, name it (info-palette) and input by "name-node"

If you your are creating our profile with nodes with nodes, maybe use the "any input node" and input

[(0.0, 0.0),(20.0, 0.0), (20.0, 20.0),(30.0, 60.0),(-50.0, 60.0),(-50.0, 50.0),(-40.0, 50.0),(-40.0, 55.0), (10.0, 55.0),(0.0, 0.0)]

I also still searching the best practice to input geometries. I hope there is something thereby you can use.

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Thanks, I was thinking I could create my profiles as symbols and input them in with your insert symbol node, then convert it to polygon, then use that as the profile, this way I would not have to code it in.

Will try that later today.

Also just looked at your "any input node" ,LOL that's crazy, not being from a programmer background only a Modder this is the stuff that makes it all so simple, had no idea what goes where in most of the what appears to me the technical nodes and you showing this is an eye opener. Amazing, Maybe simple for the programmer but I love it.


Am still laughing at how simple that was your "any input" they say small things amuse small minds.

In VW I can import the Symbol and convert it to a group which converts it to polygons, then I can extrude it along the path. Will try it in marionette tonight, all the nodes are there.

Further to this when you insert a symbol in VW and ungroup it becomes a polygon but using the nodes it always comes out a group but the symbol is always there. So using the ungroup node it does not work the same as in VW.

See attached.

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In VW I can import the Symbol and convert it to a group which converts it to polygons, then I can extrude it along the path. Will try it in marionette tonight, all the nodes are there.

How About directly input the symbol in your extrude? You could edit your symbol properties (blue symbol) and insert the symbol directly as a poly (as long as you have not more than one object in the symbol)

Any-Input-Node, can be handy for testing (even better than connecting many of input nodes to simulate an input :-). At a more final version, we should use dim-inputs for input values (Document Units).

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Thanks for this, the trick to get the symbol to a group was to edit the symbol options and tick convert to a group.

Then you can have any different symbol extrude along the desired path.

Zip file has person symbol extruded along path. First test.

Other file has 3 symbols to choose as test, (-1,-2,-3) and placed on cabinet door.

Also you can change width and height of door.

Your assistance it great.


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