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Vectorworks 2016 corrupting rounded rectangles


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I've just upgraded to Vectorworks 2016 & have noticed a problem that has corrupted a few of my drawings.

Where I had rounded rectangles (Symetrical - x & y both on 20mm), when I close & reopen the file, many of them change to having the y setting as 250mm.

I can change the figures back to the correct ones, but the problem recurs.

For reasons that aren't clear, it doesn't affect every instance in the drawing - but the majority have the problem.

Not every file is affected either.

In the image attached, the one on the left has been corrupted, the one on the right is how it is meant to look.

We didn't have this problem in 2015.

Any suggestions of how I can stop this recurring would be welcomed.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This build listed in your signature:

Vectorworks Architect 2016 SP2 (Build 389922 64 bit)

does not exist, which build of Vectorworks 2016 are you using, and is it SP0 or SP1?

If you create rounded rectangles in a new 2015 document, then open that file with 2016, does the same thing occur immediately or no? If it seems to be file specific, make sure to get in touch with support directly and get them a copy of the 2015 file that was wrongly converted by 2016.

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