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DLVP Classes and Layers



With a design layer viewport it would be nice to be able to open a palette with both classes and layers. When I need to make an adjustment I go to the OIP and select layers. Turn layers on and off. Close that. Go back to the OIP and select classes. Turn those on and off.

They should all appear as they do on the navigation palette. A tab for layers and a tab for classes. The navigation palette is awesome.

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I think you can do what you want already through the Organization Palette.

In our Aus/NZ Standard workspace, it's under "Tools > Organization.."

Then under the "Viewports" Tab you see a list of all your viewports.

Changing the view to "Visibilties" (You have two options : "Details" or "Visibilities"), and you'll see three columns "Viewports" > "Classes" > "Layers".

The only pre-requisite is that to properly know what viewport is what, you need to name your viewports properly. (see attached image)

Hope that helps


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Actually this isn't what I'm looking for. I need to change the classes and the layers in the referenced viewports. If I bring up the dlvp in the organization palette I can only change the visibilities of classes and layers in the current drawing.

The only way I see to adjust the dlvp is through the OIP. First do the classes. Close that. Then do the layers.

I might want to print a sheet layer without certain classes or layers in a dlvp. Whatever classes and layers are active in a dlvp stay there in all sheet layers.

So I have to go to the design layer, select the dlvp, edit the classes, edit the layers, return to the sheet layer and print.

I guess I could make several dlvps from the same referenced file with different commonly used settings in each.


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