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Marionette customizable baluster

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Thanks for sharing this.

Looks like you really need to think this through on paper first as you are really telling the computer every step in the process, move this, rotate this, put this here etc.

One needs to fully understand each node in my case laymen terms as I am not a programmer ( like set object marker - what does it do in layman s terms) and many others. The more posted here or tutorials would be great.


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Sorry for not replying lots of other things to do

This is my first attempt to program so I have been looking in the forum how the scripting was working. Each node has an explanation button to understand what is needed for the node to work. About the ordered points I don’t think the French version have more nodes, I must have found it somewhere in the forum but double check in the list...

I found a script mistake trying to play with the scales because the mathematical relation between the size of the multiplied object and the offset is wrong.

I’ll have to correct it than it would be nice if a baluster specialist would give the node the right names (I know them in French).

Then on the same principle I will expand the script to be able to change easily from circles to squares and get a full baluster library.

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After working a bit the second version

Encountered some problems with wrapers and ordering numbers.

I wanted to put the names in order in the "object info" but than it returns script error. So thats how it is... messy.

Now you can realy modify sizes

added the french names of the baluster parts

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