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image import without background

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I would like to import a toilet front view to insert into interior elevation. I created a mask in photoshop to not see the background from Kohler image and saved a jpeg of the image. At that point it looks like PS recreates a white background but I really just need the inside of the toilet silhouette, not the outside.

How can I import the toilet picture only?

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As far as I know, Vectorworks doesn't fully support "transparency" of imported images. BUT, if you bring in an image and set the fill style to "None", anything that is pure white will appear transparent in Vectorworks. It's not a perfect solution, but might do what you need it to.

By the way, jpegs inherently don't have transparency, hence the whiteness when you save from PS. If you wanted transparency in the image for use elsewhere, make sure to export as a png.

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In PS add the mask and save as .png. With your image prop or transparency mask for the texture you will see you now have an alpha channel.

If you want to use a .jpg then pick a colour that is not used in the image and set the transparent areas to that colour then you can easily select it when masking in VW. White is not usually a good choice as your image may also contain white and that too will become transparent.

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