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Roof Styles gable overhangs bug


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Roof Styles can have each component set to align to the Roof Edge, Roof Axis Line or any part of a 'Bound' Wall's components. It can also be manually offset from the Roof Edge or the Roof Axis Line.

On the gable edge of a Roof Object when I modify the overhang depth all the components move with the Roof Edge. Even the components whose position should not be associated with the Roof Edge but associated to the Roof Axis Line or a bound wall component.

This does not appear to be the case at the eaves.


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Furthermore, Changing the overhang dimension at the eave modifies the component offset distance at the gable edge. But only for the common plane and not for the whole roof. I would think changing an eave depth would have no effect on the rake depth. Note the odd step at the ridge in the attached image.

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