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VW2016, project sharing, slow

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Since upgrading our VW to 2016, and converting our project to Project Sharing, we've experienced some problems.

First of all, our "local-project" files are atm. each 800mb and growing.. Is this normal? Our main file are a normal 110mb.

It's starting to be a problem with the "waiting time" when commeting and releasing design- and sheet layers. Everything seems to take a bit longer, even working the sheet layers annotation...

So far we haven't experience problems like this before, with our workmethode before Project Sharing..

Atm. we're using dropbox - Yes, we're changing as fast as the mailman can run to an inhouse serversystem instead...

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We're aware that it is not advised, but is there any way to "clean" the file?

I don't quite understand how using dropbox makes the file size explode.

The slowness seems more related to the size than to the dropbox sync, the file is after all in the local dropbox.

After your deadline monday we'll put up our new server, but until then we would rather avoid fiddling with our set-up.....

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Tools > Purge can clean a file of any unused resources, it would need to be run on each of the working files. However, I am fairly certain resources that have not been changed since the last commit are re-synced with the Project, they may be unrelated to speed.

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I am new on Techboard.

As an architect in Switzerland me and mx partner are some of the first offices using

VW 2016 project sharing. We have troubles with it, because:

When we are working with walls, say draftsman 1 is modyfing one wall in layer 1st floor, VW asks to give release 2nd floor for instance, even if there is no such wall or even wall type on 2nd floor.

We have this problem throughout the whole project and it blocks us.

does anybody of you have the same kind of problem in Vectroworks Project Sharing. we would be happy to solve this together.



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