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GIS improvements for Vectorworks

Art V


GIS is becoming increasingly important so it would be nice if the GIS part of Vectorworks Landmark and Architect could be further improved.

Recently I spoke with a senior geodesist who is also member of the EPSG group and discussed the use of GIS in Vectorworks and he had a few comments/suggestions:

1. improve the formatting/structure and handling of the WKT information in VW as it is sometimes a bit sloppy compared to formal formatting. It may not cause problems too often, but if it does it can be nasty.

2. implement the new WKT format (ISO 19162) for importing/exporting WKT files as this may become the new standard for WKT files. Before this ISO standard was developed there were multiple variations of formatting of WKT files.

New WKT standard as per ISO 19162

3. Implement the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset, including the datums and not just the projected CRS's if coordinate transformations are going to be an option.

It can be implemented for free if the data is not the main part of the software. This will reduce the possibility of errors in georeferncing compared to manually copy/paste of WKT files in the WKT dialog of VW if you want to use a CRS that is not included in Vectorworks.


ArcGIS is very picky about the parameters and formatting and needs to be paid for using its dataset to ensure troublefree compatibility, but using the EPSG database would already be a considerable improvement in the GIS functionality ov Vectorworks as a lot of GIS software is also using the EPSG information.

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