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plotting problems

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Can anyone help me?

Recently i have started to get the following error message when i try to send to our plotter. My computer is the only one which gets this message and it onyl affects certain files.

Can?t open PSStream for stdoutERROR:pictwpstops ? got an error closing PSStream = -50

It just means that the file will not plot and i have to use another terminal to plot it.

plotter is hp designjet 800ps and we are on vw 9.5.3 and os10.2.4

It only happens in VW and i cannot figure it out


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Before printing, go to File Page Setup and select a different printer/plotter.

Click on OK and save the file.

Go back to Page setup and select the HP 800 again and try to print.

If it still doesn't work, I can email a script you can run to clear the print information in the file in order for it to print.

If the above doesn't work and you would like this script, please email me.


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Are you using a custom preset in the Print Dialog?

If so, try plotting using the "standard" preset. If you do not get the error message on the standard preset, delete all your custom presets and recreate them from scratch.

This cleared up the problem for us. Custom presets seem to get corrupted when the OS is upgraded.

Hope this helps,


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