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Record Format and Formulas

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Hello again,

I am looking to create a formula inside a record format to display in a symbol...Is this possible? I can't seem to be able to do it.

In other words - lets say you have a custom format record with 4 or 5 different entries. They're linked back in a symbol to relay the information.

But lets say in the record format I would like to create a mathematical formula that uses record 1 and 2 and show the solution in number 3?

What I am trying to do is to create a custom symbol that will allow me to calculate the number of people using different occupancies for the building code. So lets say I have an area of 300 sq. ft. (I.e. record 1) and have an occupant load of 30 sq. ft. per person (i.e. Record 2), I want the occupant load to be calculated in record 3 by using the entries of record 1 and record 2. Is this possible?

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I just found a possible workaround - but it involves alot of worksheets.

If you were to say create 1 symbol for every space type, and enter different values for each space - using functions inside of the worksheet can reference those values - and calculate the number of occupants. However, because it has to be distributed by room name - each room requires a separate worksheet. Additionally, you have to update the worksheet calculation every time you modify the record entries. Any way to update all worksheets at once?

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Just curious, why is it that in a record format - if i enter a formula for say 30/5 = it prints out an answer, but if i try to reference the field, it doesn't modify it?

Because that's just not available.

A record field is just a parameter holding a value, nothing more. Some fields allows intern calculations but they are not aware of other fields.

It would be a simple script, iterating all objects containing your record and do the math manually, save it in one of the fields.

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That's strange.

I think I might have thought of another workaround, but also not sure if this is possible.

Records can normally be changed from worksheets if they are referenced in the worksheets properly. Once referenced, the information in the records show up in the cells via database can then the record entries can be revised remotely.

Is it possible to setup a script so that the areas are calculated and are printed in the cell with the record?


lets say referenced cell 1 is 5, referenced cell 2 is 10, referenced cell 3 is an empty entry from the record. Could a function be inserted into the database object column to calculate the addition of cell 1 and cell 2 and print it into the empty cell record format?

in other words -

=(record.recordfunction) is equal to =(a+b)

I'm not sure if I phrased it correctly.

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I don't think you can make that work.

The way you put a record value into a cell is via a formula.

The way to get the data you want into the cell is via a formula.

I don't know of a way to force two formulas into a single cell (column).

What about putting a second column with the formula next to the column with the record data. You could then copy/paste the entire row of calculated values into the column for the record to update.

But it would be a manual process.

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Yea, I was hoping to avoid that. That's one of the solutions that I figured might be possible.

There are 2 other solutions which are a little rugged.

1st solution is to create a "master worksheet" that references all this information, calculates and tabulates it, and then using design viewports - crop the areas that are for that room only.

The second solution is to create a separate worksheet for every room to calculate each condition separately, or reference a master worksheet. But both solutions are a bit crude.

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Bumping this thread back to life. Is there any new functionalities to do this now, 9 years later?


I have a record attached to the symbol and I would like to show calculations on the symbol based on the data from the record.


For example the sum of multiplying the numbers in two fields of the record.



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Posted (edited)

@fuberatorTags have taken over this function, and i must say in a brilliant way as well.

If there needs to be a calculation that is 'recorded' onto another record, do the math inside of a tag and use link data to source. Pick the record you want the number to be recorded to and vwala - you can have an auto updating function. I came across this when i needed to dynamically change the occupancy, fixture requirements or other code related formulas to show both on plan and on a referenced worksheet dynamically. if you don't need it shown on a worksheet - easiest way is still to multiply one record with another like Pat mentioned.



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