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Combining Ambient occlusion and Artistic edges

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Is it possible to combine these two in a render mode without using indirect lighting?

At the moment it uses indirect lighting and it takes too long to render in my opinion.

The result I want to get is a rendering with artistic lines and ambient occlusion without indirect lighting.

But I can not only use artistic lines and occlusion, is seems that I have to use renderworks mode realistic to create this...

Is that true?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can use a realistic render mode, then enable Artistic Edges and select the artistic style you want to use along with keeping Ambient Occlusion, and disabling Indirect Lighting.

Unless I misunderstand your question:


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Yes you are correct its possible.

Not a rant :)

I think its confusing that you have several places to change lightning and rendering settings:

At the moment we have:

1 under view: lightning settings

2 the separate open gl settings

(1 and 2 influence each other but are not editable in the same dialog box)

- the separate open gl settings dialog box in the quick prefs, but not the ambient occlusion or lightning there.

-renderworks artistic that shows the button lighting options in the OIP but doesn't have any effect as long as artistic renderworks is selected with artistic lines.

- realistic renderworks recourse with his own lightning tab, but as well the lightning tab in the OIP (how do those 2 play together?)

- ambient occlusion as part of the realistic render modes as recourse but as well under the lightning tab in the oip

- sketch lines that are a resource but hidden lines that are not.



I think its getting pretty complicated to see how things work and where to edit them.

It would be great if it was possible to create a visualization recourse in the recourse browser where you can create a style with all the different possibilities, even combinations of hidden line with open gl, or artistic lines with ambient occlusion. Or sketched lines with open gl.

(we wouldn't have the confusing foreground/back ground render options as well for the combination of opengl and hiddenline)

These style would be selectable in the recourse browser, as in the OIP render mode, as in the current render mode tab. Even wireframe would become a resource in this way, as well as polygon shaded or unshaded.

The advantage is that you edit your render mode always in 1 place, even for your design layer editing view.

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Jim, I'd be grateful if you could walk me thru the steps in more detail to get to the rending you displayed in this thread. Looks to me like you did something specific Line Render Options | Sketch Hidden Line results... area. But then the rest is not that clear to me.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sure, I deleted the original example file, apologies, but I have attached a recreation of it fairly close to what I made before.


This is a newly created Renderworks Style from the resource browser (included in the attached) simply set all quality to medium, enabled edges and selected Brush Watercolor, enabled Lighting Options so that I could enable Ambient Occlusion, but left Indirect Lighting disabled. The blue tint is coming from the Environment Lighting from a bluish HDRI background.

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