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Leroy Bennett - beautiful plots without rendering.

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Leroy Bennett's plots for the Janet Jackson tour are stunning as you'd expect, but what I'm stuck on is how to get my plot views looking half that good.



I've been messing around with settings all night and I can't even get close.

What am I missing?

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They look like they're just using Hidden Line rendering. It doesn't look like there's any shadowing like you would get with OpenGL or by layering Custom Renderworks and Hidden Line. They've overridden the line weights to make them all the same which makes it look nice and clean. You need to be working with your attributes "By Class" to do this. Its done in the Classes dialog for a sheet layer viewport. They've also overridden the line colour. It could be using Classes or perhaps Layer colours.

The views themselves are likely using the Renderworks camera to define the point of view, probably from actual camera positions or predefined audience pov's.


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Yep. Looks like they also added a subtle artistic style to the edges.

However, the more salient point is that we still don't have Tyler GT truss symbols yet.


Upstaging just drew their own cad blocks from scratch.

Top of the wish list.

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I reached out to Tyler Truss to have a library of their truss,I was told that they would be doing a VWX library on their own. if you have a contact there, push on them to let us build and distribute a library of their product.


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Yeah I was able to cook up some home-brew HUD truss symbols as well. If you take the time, it's not painful bad of an endeavor.

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I personally don't find the "sameness" to be clean. Different line weights are supposed to draw attention to the parts of the drawing that are important.

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