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-fsopen error: cannot open file

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Someone here was doing an overnight rendering of a model (VW9.5.3) on his machine (MacOSX.2.4) although the file itself was on a networked drive (MacOS9.1).

The scheduled overnight backup (Retrospect) tried to read the file for copying, but found that it was busy/locked, so it didn't copy the file. Not quite, anyway; a new copy was made, 0 kB (stupid Retrospect).

This morning, the operator tried to access his file, but with no response, had to do a force-quit. The current copy of the file is still 4.4MB, but both the OS9 host and OSX client indicate that the file is in use, since VectorWorks never closed the file stream.

Why oh WHY does VW keeps its grubby hands on the ACTUAL file? Good practice is to work on a temp file stream, eh?

Anyway, I can't open the file by any means I know, so does anybody have any ideas?

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Okay; I fixed the problem. The busy/locked status of the file when checked by Retrospect essentially tied Finder's shoelaces. I logged everybody out, shut down network apps, but when I tried to shut down the server, I get a Finder error -11 bomb. A simple soft boot restart solved the file open/closed status.

All is well and good now, AFAIK.

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