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Drawing Label wishes



I'd love it if the drawing label would allow multiple instances in one SLVP.

I'd like to be able to format and place each part separately. Sort of the way you can now with the data stamp tool.

Some offices I work in have drawing label formats that the current tool can't do. But the ability to place just the number with or without a container, just the drawing title, and just the scale, have all of them use the same data, but different text formatting would be really helpful.


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I would love to see the drawing label improved in various ways too. My longtime wish list includes -

- options for the location of the insertion point, where the label redraws in relationship to it. For example, if I insert a drawing label based on a centre insertion point, it always re-draws based on the centre point when I change the drawing label text so it is still "centred". Currently I re-centre each drawing label manually after changing the text because it redraws from the left hand side.....

(This is not about how things are aligned within the label, but about how the label aligns with the drawing it's labelling.)

- if you choose none for the number style the bubble should turn off (this may be part of the second point of Michael's wish).

- a reorganization of how the fields appear for it in the OIP grouping the characteristics of each element together. Turn on/off different parts like the Data Stamp Tool would be great.

- direct access to drawing number / drawing name in the OIP of all Sheet Layer Viewport types (Regular / Section / Detail)

- a better system for renumber all drawings on a sheet (The previous wish would go a long way to alleviating this. Having to click into the annotations of 16 viewports to renumber the drawings on a sheet is tedious.)

This is an immensely important tool that needs to be way more robust and user friendly than it is.


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I would also love two levels of control.

I would like an option to set global control - to set the style for all drawing labels, then only have the local options in the OIP - so that is a much-simplified pallet - with just the drawing lable fields rather than ALL the style fields.

There could be a checkbox that would allow you to "Take Global Style" - if this option is turned off - then you could have access to all options make that instance different.

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All great wishes.

Especially the location of the Drawing Label in the viewport - that takes a lot of time and double clicking.

I was hoping that allowing multiple drawing labels in one viewport would be an easy temporary solution.

I use a worksheet to globally control drawing labels. That saves a lot of time in big drawing sets.


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a centre justification insertion point is needed for the drawing label element...


But for now I'd even be happy making my own symbols or groups with multiple drawing labels displaying only part of the current label. I have clients that keep ungrouping the labels so they can have the scale label and drawing title label in different fonts. Or in a graphic relationship to each other that the current tool doesn't allow. I have worksheets and scripts that use the same data as the drawing label, so having the label turned 'dumb' slows down all kinds of workflows.

I've long advocated to any unfortunate VW engineer I meet that the Spotlight Label Legend Manager should be adapted to all label situations. Especially windows, doors, and space objects. Especially in the last few versions, it's become very robust and customizable.

Glad you found that worksheet helpful. :) Worksheets are amazing. They are a huge boost to productivity.


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