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2D Elevations , sections and plans generated from 3D?


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Use sheet layers and sheet layer viewports. I'm sure there are some tutorials in the Getting Started Guide but here's a direct link to one that shows the basics -

Also, add a signature to your forum profile at the top of the screen under My Stuff. It will help us to give you the best information for your version of VW.



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I use Vectorworks 2015. The video was very usefull thank you. I do get how to show different views on the sheet layer, but I don't understant how to use the "section viewport". Also, what about if I want to show different customized views of my 3D model except from right isometric etc. ?

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An elevation is just a section where the section line is outside structure.

From a Top Plan view you can draw your Section Lines. and generate Section Viewports. Make sure it take a look at the options available in the Advanced Properties button at the bottom of the OIP (Object Info Palette). These allow you to control the width, height and depth of the view.

If you have elevations at odd angles that are hard to accurately draw exactly parallel to, try drawing a line along the wall and then moving the line before using it as a guide to draw the Section Line.

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This can be achieved through using the section viewports as the others above have stated. I am currently exploring the same process as you at the moment however my queries lie with how and where we should be section view porting to?

We usually draw sections on individual design layers and then output onto sheets allowing more than one user working on a project file, especially on large jobs. However struggling to find the best way to do this, to get onto an output sheet does that mean I need to viewport a viewport, all abit messy to me.

Does anyone know if there is official protocols to follow, especially with the UK needing to move into BIM.

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Here are a couple of examples of the things you are asking for in practice.....all sheet layer viewports are created from a 3D model using the various viewport render settings etc. in these examples I haven't used any 2D fixes.

However VWs is still laking in individual line control for elevations and sections and depth perception. You can only manipulate line settings by overriding individual classes. Ie everything in that class will change in the viewport.



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Thanks Alan!

Here are the settings (however they were created in v2015 in which I always used Custom Renderworks at medium quality and I find the same settings in v2016 are terribly grainy, the nearest I can get to my settings in v2015 are using Final Quality in v2016. I still have some testing to do to see what works for me in v2016.)

In addition I always override all line thicknesses to 0.13mm in Hidden line (when used as Foreground rendering), I also always create a second sun that is 'wrong' to get shadows on facades that normally face away from the sun.

Good luck!

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I am working on a simple house addition and in my drawing package (sheet layers) in want most of my elevations and details to be 2D line drawings like a traditional set of 2D generated plans. Usually, I want one rendered 3D view of the proposed house on the cover sheet. Can I make all my viewports from the model and change my visibilities to make the views that I need to look 2D (Flat with no perspective) and without the windows and door glass clear? Sort of a long question but I could use some guidance.

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