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Color code for crease state in subdivisions

Kaare Baekgaard


Maybe I an not looking hard enough, but I cannot find any way to ensure, that the the crease state of a segment of the cage in a subdivision is either one way or the other.

On sharp edges it is not a problem, but on a subtle edge it is bewildering.

I am sure, there is a color code somewhere in the intactive settings, but I have failed to locate it.

In case there is not: Please include this as soon as possible.

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I too think that is a bit strange.

If you pull out a side of a hard edge "Cube Primitive" you will get

a smooth appendage.

As long as users have no control over Edge Weights,

(which I think is not necessary for VW (users)),

I think it would be more useful to always have Edge Weight of 0.00.

So the "Cube" would be either a "Ball" when being inserted,and gets its

Cube Form after adding Control Edges at its corners,

Or it will be inserted as a "Rounded Cube", meaning it gets these edges

from start.

(Hmmhh, testing, testing, testing, ... >)


I start to understand,

The Hard Cube is meant for Objects like a wall where you want one side

free formed only while keeping its other faces straight.

I should then start with the Sphere, to get a rounded Cube ....

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