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3D Lighting Symbols 3D Rotation Not Working for all Symbols


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I am having a problem rotating certain Lighting symbols from the Vectorworks library in 3d.

Specifically, I am attempting to rotate the Mac Viper AirFX symbol using the OIP - Set 3D orientation function.

When both X and Y are set to 0, the 3s symbol looks good, but as soon as either of these values are set to something else, the symbol of the light explodes; the yoke, body, and base of the symbol separate and move away from each other.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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You don't say what version of VW you are using or what OS.

That fixture was fixed in 2016. If you're using 2015 or earlier or you are using 2016 with a symbol from the older version you will see this problem.

The fix is really easy. The base of the fixture is missing it's link to the Parts record format.

I'll attach a 2015 file with the fixed version.



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Hey Guys,


I know this is an old post but I'm having a similar issue with certain light symbols in vw2019sp2. When I rotate a symbol using 3D orientation in the OIP, only certain parts of the symbol rotate while the others stay fixed. I've noticed it happens mainly to symbols that have nested objects.


Is there a magic way to fix this by editing the symbol directly?


Thanks in advance.

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