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Class and layers live modification



when you want to modify a layers parameters or class attributes you have to go through dialog windows (1 or 2 depending if you go first in the organization window). make the change, then back to the drawing to see the change. If the line color dosen't look as nice as you thought for example you have to do it again.

It take time and make fine tuning difficult.

how it could be:

when you select a class or a layer in the navigation palette (and you have no object selected), the info palette will show all characteristics of the class or layer and you can make change there and see directly the modification in the drawing.

Arrows will allow to navigate through the class or layers.

In the organization window, it should be possible to make some change directly in the liste (pull down menus, editable values etc). a preview button could be nice.

VW Designer 14 + RW

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When you change the class properties in the organizer you don't have to close the dialog windows all the way and return to the actual drawing.

After updating the class properties you can click on the preview button in the organizer and it will update the display based on the new class properties. If it does not look how you want to then you can update the class properties again and then preview without having to leave the organizer window until you are done updating the properties of the class(es).

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