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Edit Subdivision tool and points in space


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This is such a great addition to VWs.

I'm hoping though that the next versions will include more editing possibilities as in Subdivsion modeling in C4d. Also, and maybe it's just me since i'm just experimenting with it, but there seems to be no way to determine the position of the edited points in space, like working with NURBS. Am i wrong about this?

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About your last remark: yes and no. You can change the position of the edited points in space. Jus set the tool to "translate and transform mode" and "translate and rotate", put the cursor on the point and click. You will get a controller which you can use to drag the point around. With the tab key you can enter the translation value. AFAIK there's not yet a way to "read" the coordinates of that point thought.

Obviously future versions will offer more possibilities. This is just the first iteration of the implementation. I remember when NURBS were first introduced, and that first version was also limited.

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