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Working Plane confusion

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If ya start a new file and alternate between the top view and the 3d top view (1 and 5 on the numeric keypad), the thicker gray lines that show in the 3d view to signify x and y correspond to the 0, 0 point on the 2d rulers.

Somehow, that's not the case in one of my files. Don't know how it changed, be/c I don't use working planes. Nonetheless, when I Show 3D Axis Labels as a pref, the axis labeled Y is somewhere near -8 on the ruler and the axis labeled X is somewhere near 1. This is throwing off my 3D measurements, and I get fractional dimensions in the info palette, so I don't know if things are at the proper location or not. How do I get that X and Y axis from the 3D overhead view to match back up to the ruler's 0 and 0?


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