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Mark Flamer

BIM Nodes

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Here is a folder of additional Marionette libraries that is shipping in SP2...but why wait? The attached image shows where they will be in the release.

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This is great Mark,

Does this mean new Marionette Nodes will be added to each SP release?

Can we make requests for the next SP release?

I have some requests :)

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You can absolutly suggest new ideas for content. And if we don't develop them, there is always a chance that someone else in the community will. Much of Grasshoppers success is due to the incredible ammount of additional content and packages that were developed. Almost none of this was produced internally. Kangaroo, Mantis, Ladybug, Honeybee, almost any animal name you can think of.......all developed by outsiders. Hint, hint...;-)

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On a serious note, here are some ideas I thought of:


- Obj Name via Names list dropdown on OIP {similar to Get Texture Node}

-Get Names of Symbol/Hatch/LineStyle/Wall Style/etc similar to above, choosing names from dropdown list on OIP

- Dialogs? Like the basic predefined ones on the Dev Wiki. And come to think of it a way to build dialogs via Marionette would be awesome too!

- Distributor Nodes - Duplicate on Path, Duplicate on Axis similar to the cloner object in Cinema4D

- DTM Nodes - Send To Surface; Surface Area

- Worksheet Nodes - Value from Cell Ref, Format Opts, Edit Cells

- Viewport Nodes - Class/Layer Viz, Set/Get Class overrides{Fill/Pen Attr/Texture/etc}

- Sheet Layer Nodes - Get/Set Sheet Number/Sheet Name/Sheet Position, {Will help greatly with renaming/re-ordering sheets!}

Also, is there a way to add back the box position for Marionette Node Objects?

Thanks in advance!


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Good ideas. Btw, there should not be any problem launching the predefined dialogs defined in the dev wiki using Marionette. It just takes a line or 2 of code you can almost cut and paste into a node from the wiki. Here's an example in a couple images.

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That's great Mark,

Some additional questions/feature requests:

1. Why was it implemented at 1:1 scale? Just out of curiosity. It would seem more practical to have it as page-based-scaled object that isn't affected by layer scale you're on. But thats just my preference, if I understood the reason it was developed to be used at a 1:1 scale I could use it better.

2. You know how some of the input nodes have the user enter parameters(eg Dim/Int/Real/etc), it would be great if that info(the data input parameter value) could be seen on the actual Marionette Node object. That way when you're examining a node network and you see input nodes, you can also see the value of the input node without have to click on that node and look at its info on the Object Info palette.(hope that makes sense).

Thanks again


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