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Great, thanks for that, and I have answered my own question about the Splay offset in the Curb Profile. Simply offsets the bottom Poly to give the slope to the Kerb of the sidelight. Sorry didn't follow it right through the network.

Thanks again

Also the "Set as Hole Cutting Obj" I think I understand this. This is the hole cut in the slab (Slab Thickness 300mm) when you convert this to a symbol and insert in a roof (PIO) etc, but the "Parent POI handle", is this the PIO that you are inserting the symbol into. So it take whatever PIO you are inserting it into and cuts the hole. Roof, Slab Wall etc?

Sorry for all the Noob questions.

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"Parent POI handle" is probably getting the handle of the Marionette object it self. In the network that defines a Marionette object it is sometimes necessary to get the handle of the object. In this case it is assigning the hole cutting geometry to the skylight object. Let me know if that does not make sense.

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33 minutes ago, Alan Woodwell said:

If you are looking for anything that was posted just ask I may have it as I collected most.

Thanks for the offer.

Looking for guides on two things:-

1) Connecting to or reacting to an object already in the file. Specially a Roof Face but general guide would would be a great start.

2) Best way to allow user class selection. Has the community come up with a best practice for classing in Marionette objects to get a similar look and feel?

Anything that can nudge me in the right direction would be appreciated.


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Hi I have loaded a few files relating to creating roof faces and a roof using Marionette, Also uploaded a few videos relating to them also. HTH but if not let me know what you need and will see if I can sort something out for you. Regards


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11 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

Seems the Forum update has broken the links to Tutorials and most the shared objects and chance they could be relinked?


They will be.

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