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Some handy Nodes and Wrapper for PointGrids

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There are some routine jobs to create point grids on 2D or 3D Objects for which I created some additional nodes and wrappers. I tried to make them proper and open like the standard nodes. I post a few of them.

Core functionality:

1. Creating a Grid all over an Object's bounding box

2. Evaluating, if the created point are in or on a surface

Different nodes for that, because it is better, to have not Nodes which do to much. So we can flexible use them in different cases.

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Some New nodes:

(Also I notice, how much faster and better it is to first calculate the values just with list handling and at the end drawing real geometry. )

2D Pt Shaker:

Move every Point (2D Point list) randomly by a value


Deletes randomly values of a list


Randomly grab values out of the input and creates a new list with same length

Symbol 2D and 3D

All those nodes are handy to use with point grids to get a less strict look of a grid. A natural spread of points.

If someone notice, that this stuff can be done with standard nodes, let me know this. It would be pointless to "hack" nodes for things that can be easy done with a wrapper or a standard node.

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I tried to use the 'grid bbox offset' and 'Get ZatXY v001' nodes and noticed some strange behaviour. On a cube it gives wrong results, especially with a small 'int' of 2.

And on a loft-surface as shown in the jpg the hemispheres are sometimes under and sometimes above the surface (see shade).

Have you noticed this and maybe already solved it?

Thanks for sharing!

Ernst van der Vecht

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Thanks for feedback.

1. gridbox_divx

Hi the Grid Wrapper is "old style". Attached a new Version, which uses the mix2Node with a cross reference.

2. Loft Surface

If I test that, the points out of the "Get Z at XY" Node. Are exactly on NURBS Surfaces. Or NURBS Surfaces created with the loft tool. Propper measle-points :-)

Maybe check first the points with a locus or sphere, instead of a Symbol. Maybe the 3D Symbol-node, produces something wrong. I did not checked that.

Also Check this:

1. GetBBox should be used in 2D Plan View.

2. Set User Origin to Vectorworks origin

3. Draw near the Vectorworks origin

4. If you work with named objects check, if maybe the wrong object is named.

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