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Alan Woodwell

Subdivision & selecting back faces

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Playing with subdivision and wondered if there is a fast way to select a back face. Mouse over front faces and you can select auto. Back faces i can hold shift and select each edge then I can manipulated that face within the object. "B" does not seem to work on faces.

See attached face I selected using shft.

Also How do you measure while in subdivision. I can extend a face and i can type in a dimensions but i can't seem to measure something. If I hit "G" i get the same dialogue box with the same co-ordinates where ever i move it.

Use tape measure it takes me out of subdivision mode.

I know its 3d modelling but would be nice to be able to measure or at least find the coordinate of a point.

Any Ideas??

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@Alan - there are several very good introductory Subdivison videos posted by Sean O'Skea on YouTube, he talks about not being able to select the back-faces:

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Thanks for the references.

From the lack of uv mapping the subdivision tool is fun but like many of the tools in VW it seems they don't really integrate with the overall family of tools. Unless you simply use solid colours for the materials there is not much in the way of options for adding a texture and using it in my area of Architecture. Many fun things but. I wonder where VW is heading, seems to have an identity crisis. Is it for 3d Modellers, Programmers (Marionette), Design and documentation.

I may be in the minority as I use the program to model a Clients new or altered residence and then turn that into a Construction set.

Would love a program that allowed the 3D model to be turned into a set of drawings for approval and set of construction documents by using all the plugins like stairs, ramps framing etc and have them all seamlessly

work together without patching over the joint between the slab and stair etc.

Maybe I am just dreaming, Well back to the drawing board and "T" square.

Nah its not that bad, but things could be better.

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