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Docked Palettes Undock After Computer Restart

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Just happened again. It's quite a mess. I was gone a few days. VW opened to a blank screen when I started my iMac. I quit VW, opened it again by double clicking on the file I've been working on. It opens and my formerly docked palettes are undocked and all over the darn place. I had saved a copy workspace the last time this happened, so I switched to that, and it brought back the docked palettes. I decided to make yet another copy of the correctly working one, but that copy does not have the docked palettes. Go figure. I guess I'm going to have to give up on docked palettes since I'm wasting time trying to keep them docked. That's too bad because I do like them.

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I just confirmed how to mess up the docked palettes. I opened VW by doubling clicking the app icon, then I quit VW never opening a file, then I opened VW by double clicking my current work file. Docked palettes are undocked.

Replacing the workspace with a copy I just created on my desktop moments before I caused the failure does not bring back the docked pallets.

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I was thinking about this more, and I wonder where the docked palette prefs are stored. Are they kept with the workspace, or with the file? What I think is happening is that when I open VW with no document, the palettes are all over the place. I quit VW, then open VW again by double clicking a file. The palettes are in the undocked locations that they were in when no file was opened. I have the "Create New Document at Startup" pref unchecked.

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