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Stupid arrows won't go away

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Hello all,

Hope I'm not the only person who does this. When creating a polygon to make a roof, I sometimes don't notice that the arrow is turned on in the attributes window and the arrows don't show up on a closed polygon. However, when a roof is created from the polygon, the arrows appear on every corner of the roof. I cannot figure out how to remove the arrows without deleting and recreating the roof. A real pain, especially if you have modified the roof several times after creation.

Hopefully, one of you will give me a solution that will make me saym "Well Duh"

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If you edit the roof face, can you select the roof 2D object shape and set 'Make all Attributes by Class' from the little button at the bottom of the Attributes palette?

Note that depending whether you have a Design-series version of Vw, you might not have the Attributes palette Utility menu. Updating your signature with relevant info similar to mine will be helpful.

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