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Mirror Tool not working

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Posted this a while back and got no replies. Having an issue with Mirror tool. Using in duplicate mode, it makes a copy of the symbol, but does not flip it - it makes a copy on the other side of the centering line, but leaves it in the same orientation, so it's making a duplicate on the other side of the "mirror" but not mirroring it to point the opposite direction. same with standard mode -

Also having a weird issue in Spotlight, when I choose a single instrument, select "replace instrument" it keeps telling me I have 2 different types of instrument selected, even though it's definitely only one, and the Obj info window also shows only one unit selected. Is there another preference somewhere for mirror tool, or is this a bug associated with Yosemite?

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OK - I solved this one. A bunch of my symbols were rotated in the resource browser - Not sure how they got imported that way - It seems they

should only be facing down if you open them up in label legend manager. Once I edited them all to point down, mirror tool now works correctly.

I had to fix a bunch of label legends to the new orientation, but at least that mystery is solved.

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