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Jim Smith

Multiple copies of objects to delete

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I think I know the answer but here goes.

A new user has sent me a file that contains many items that have been Pasted in Place. (16 columns where there should be one for example.)

Any clever way to delete the unwanted & keep the wanted? or is the answer as I suspect "Just get to work!"


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2016's Purge command includes options for deleting multiple instances of identical coincident objects. Tools > Purge, uncheck the All option and then enable just the coincident section checkboxes you want. Might do it a bit faster than manually.

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Didn't test that new feature so far.

Does it retain coincident Elements if they are set to different Classes or Layers ?

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I'm also interested in this.  I've got a huge venue drawing, and looking to use Purge to cut file size down.  I'm a little wary of this part of the tool (Coincident Objects) because I can't find an exact writeup about this.  Does it remove all but one of the duplicate objects in a symbol definition, and in the file as a whole (if doing all other objects)?  And does Coincident = identical and in the exact same xyz coordinate and rotation?

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Coincident Objects will delete all redundant extra geometry that has same size, position, class/layer,

while keeping the one that you need.


All other options will delete objects that are (mostly) not in use.

You have to use it carefully.

Certain options I activate temporary only. I always check the final list do delete and do manual changes.


For Example :


Your wonderfully set Render Stiles you use for Viewport Rendering, will be marked as unused and be deleted

as long as you don't have these assigned to any Viewport Rendering - if you activate the Render Styles Option.


If you activate Symbols, Purge will delete your Heliodon Symbol and Symbol Folder although You use one or

more Heliodons in your File.


You will often want to delete foreign classes or Layers that came by imports, but care about your own, currently

unused things that you already prepared for later use. Or Ressource Folders, Symbols, ....




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