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Gaspar Potocnik

Hoist Tool Personalization

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Is there a way to change the default Hoist Data Display selections for a new drawing? I know you can go in and change it for all new hoists in the "Set Hoist Data Display" menu; however, I am having to do it every time I open a new drawing.

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The ability to view hoists by there function is a must.  Currently it's very difficult to create different views showing only hoists used for specific functions...

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Hoist can be displayed by function or manufacturer by setting the Display Hoist By: option in the OIP.


To change any of the default values for all new documents you will need to use the plug-in manager to change the default value.

Select the plug-in then select the parameter you wish to change the default. Click Edit and then change the Default Value.

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Thanks Klinzey! I will look into that feature in the future.


I realized I could create a template file, so I setup all my tool preferences and default classes there and utilize that template when needed.

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To continue with this topic...


I`m trying to add new Hoists to be placed with Hoist tool. Seems not to work. I`ve created symbols in Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx and saved it attached records, restarted Vectorworks etc, but still doesn't work. What am I missing?



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What did you name the symbols you created?  I think the rules below need to be followed:


The name must start with word "Hoist", followed by the weight capacity, followed by the manufacturer or function, followed by "Up" or "Down".


The weight capacity must end in the word "Ton".

The manufacturer may be anything, but must match the value in the attached record.

The function may be anything, but must match the value in the attached record.


Feel free to send me an example of your hoist symbols, and I'll see if I can get them to work.




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Coming back to this topic after a few years...


So I’ve redone symbols so that everything is uses classes that work for me, but I still haven’t been able to change de default class of the label. I’ve edited the string in the plug in but still it isn’t changing, what am I missing?

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