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how to create the chair in the VW2016 promo video

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Following the earlier request I have put together a video showing how to create the organic chair from the promo material for VW2016.

There is more than enough in the video for you to get a better finished product than mine.

Attached is my version but bear in mind I am an educational user so if you decide to use this in your own work then it will remind you its educational.

Feel free to use the .vwx in whichever way you want :)

https://youtu.be/oEsM26ERjrw or go to my Facebook page and click on watch video

Note: this may not be the way it was made by the original creator but my method is pretty straightforward.

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The original file attached here, sorry for the delay, I didn't see it before your explanation post. Your method is pretty much exactly the same however.

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@barkest: Thank you so much for making & sharing that subdiv tutorial! It was very informative. Staring at a blank screen while contemplating using these new Vw2016 tools can be somewhat intimidating. Now at least we know how to start. Thanks again.

P.S. You don't happen to have any tutorials on getting started in Marionette, would you? ;)

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@ Barkest - Thanks! Very nice!

@ all - Does subdivision always have to start on Subdivision primitives?

Can the tool and techniques be applied to objects created with other tools and commands? NURBS surfaces? Solid Additions, etc, etc?

If no, then I wish for a command for convert user created objects to Subdivision aware objects.


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