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Vectorworks 10.1 very slow

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When I select more than a few items ie. 129 objects trying to nudge them takes a very long time. But if I group them, it works fine. We are having this same problem on all six computers. Most of them are running on clean boots and the CPU, Ram, Video, and Motherboards are different on each.

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That sounds about right.

Nudging moves objects one pixel at a time.

When you have all 100+ objects selected, the nudge has to remember and redraw the coordinates for all 100+ objects, object by object.

When they are grouped, the program essentially is only remembering or redrawing all of the objects, but only has to redraw the one object.

This is why grouping them is faster, must faster in most cases.

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You mis-understand. I don't mean reasonably slow like all of the other versions, I mean that VW 10.1 takes about 50 times longer to nudge than it does in VW 9.5.2. I tried the same command in 9.5.2 and it took about .5 seconds but 10.1 took about 25+ seconds. I also have the same problem if I select all and use the 2d reshape tool, draw a halo around what I want to move and try to nudge. I takes just as long to do this as it does to nudge the entire drawing. VW 9.5.2 did not have this problem.

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If you take those objects an ungroup them so they are the individual objects, does it take a long time to select an object or to draw an object?

If you turn off all the snaps and set layer options to Active Only and Class Options to Show Others only, does it speed up?

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Ungrouping all the object and then selcecting them all and nudging them does work. I have no issues selecting or drawing objects before or after ungrouping them.

And switching the view snap edit options have no effect at all.

So it seems that that the problem lies somewhere in how things are grouped. not as a whole but when some items are grouped and some are not. Also I have problems using the smart cursor while editing objects in groups if the "view others while in groups" option is selected.

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Just a note this may be a problem associated with items that were grouped when the drawing was converted from 9 to 10. It will take me time to verify but, my test seems to support this.

I ungrouped everything then grouped some things that I still wanted grouped and everything worked fine.

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