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Roof - eaves (2016)


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Using double-mitre and horizontal-mitre auto gives a facia which cannot be edited.

If I then move my roof and change the eave profile the word mitre changes to miter and half my roof disappears.

Changing the pitch of one roof still leaves a valley between the roofs which is not textured (previous reported bug in 2015).


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I've reported this problem to support, but no response so far. I sent file samples for VW 2015 and 2016 for comparison. Please submit your findings, maybe they will get on it sooner.

I have spent a considerable amount of time testing installs, using migration and no migration. Migration isn't the source.

It is a bug and a bad one. When I opened a vw 2015 file it left some eaves double mitred and others were changed to just vertical cut. It's also random, very inconsisent.

I think they went overboard with changes adding the roof components features to the Create Roof tool. I wish they had made a separate tool, and kept the original one as a basic roof creation tool.

I told support I can't use VW 2016 like this, I do a lot of modifications of previous house designs.


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I've seen the strange eave rendering too. It seems to be another issue.

While in front view raise the roof elevation, and the eave cleans up, but still only a vertical cut.

Support asked for more sample files this morning. Seems to me all they have to do is create a roof in VW 2015 with the double eave cut, and open the file in VW 2016.

Why do some people make things so complicated :-)

Thanks for posting.

I expect there will more.


Support has acknowledged the problem, it's been sent to software engineering.

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