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Example, which integrates a window PIO in Marionette object

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I searched quite a while for a way to handle different control geometries without naming them.

Naming them is a possibility. But what's about copy, duplicate etc. those named object? They will loose their name, or get a new one. Also anytime, all those names will get in conflict maybe with other named objects.

So my solution in this example is, to use a data base, for identifying the object.

The other speciality is i have a Window PIO into the control geometry. So it can be used for frame etc.

Known Issues:

Elevation not implemented (routine task)

IFC date etc. not checked (should be in the window)

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It sounds like you want to make a Marionette Object rather than a Marionette Wrapped Network or Marionette Network.

A Marionette Object operates much like a Plug-In Object. It has a feature called a Control Group. The Control Group is similar to the Path and Profile of the Extrude Along Path in that it travels with the instance of the object and is editable by right clicking on the object.

While the Control Group can only be a single item in the drawing, that item can be a Group (like the name says). You can then split the objects inside that group into whatever you need in the Network inside the Marionette Object.

For development purposes it is probably best to start with Named Objects and a Network or Wrapped Network. Once you get the finished (or close to finished) network change the Name nodes to Control Group and the List Explode nodes to get the "handles" you need. The List Explode will give you the object back in their stacking order inside the group.

Check some of the other threads for more info on Control Group.

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Thanks for hints

Stacking order was the first I tried. But in this Object I have 10 Objects inside the group. So after every editing of the control geometry objects I have to check (send back the last object then the second last object until the first object is in background and the stacking ordner is right) So I searched for a less fragile workflow for me ... with record format. Can't see any technical problems with that.

You are right, if everyone creates additional ressources for his objects, the mix of many objects will rubish up the document. But we should also remember, that a name has the same effect, like a ressource (even worse).

I just personally have a bad feeling by naming objects. It is something like a bypass (which is easy to use) but can result often enough in conflicts with the other content of the project.

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