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Mac OS upgrade and speed

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1) Is VW/RW ver 10 faster using Mac OS 8.6 than it is in Mac OS X?

I use VW/RW 9.5.3. Under OS9.2 it runs faster than under OS10.2. I made the switch to OSX and love it except that I pay a speed penalty when using VW.

2) Will the new Powerbook G4 run OS 9.2 or lower?

I have a 15" 1Ghz powerbook. It will boot under OS9.2 or under OS10.2 or will boot up the Classic mode under OS10.2. Don't know why you would want to run OS8.

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I’ve been reading about the Mac OS X speed issues with great interest. I intend to upgrade both my computer and VW. Currently using VW/RW 8.5 and Mac OS 8.6. Can anyone tell me:

1) Is VW/RW ver 10 faster using Mac OS 8.6 than it is in Mac OS X?

2) Will the new Powerbook G4 12” (or 17”) run OS 9.2 or lower?

3) Should I expect the same speed in VW using Mac OS 9.2 as I would using the “classic” mode in OS X?

Thanks for your help / opinion.

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Speed for the program under OS 8 and OS 10 will depend on memory installed ont he computer and processor speed. It is almost a science to guess if it will or won't run faster.

The new computers will run OS 9, although just about all the new macs come with OS 10 only.

You have to download a special utility to get classic to work decently from apple's website.

VW will run about the same or even slower in OS 10 running VW in classic than it will native in OS 9.

Classic uses up alot of memory, even more so depending on the number of extra extensions that are set to run when classic is enabled. This memory absorbtion contributes to overall speed performances. How much slower is another scientific hypothesis. It depends on how many extensions are running, how many programs are running. how fast the computer is and how much memory is installed on the computer.

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