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Need Help With Curtain Walls


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I need some help.

I've been poking around today with using curtain walls, seeing what I can do with it and how I could use it in some of the projects I may work on.

In the pic attached. I've got a stud wall with brick veneer (14" high) on 1 layer and I've got a curtain wall (7'-10" high) above on another layer. I've also inserted a door (for a curtain wall) but you'll see that I want that door to move down 14". It won't. I've used the reshape tool to make the opening in the brick wall to receive the door.

I tried the same method on the curtain wall with odd results but still not able to drop the door.

Would anybody out there know how I might make this work, or what to do to show it the way I want to?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Mark,

Here's what I do

Create a "storefront system" using the curtain wall tool, you'll need to subtract frames and or make panels "open".

Create a symbol

Insert the "storefront system" into the "hosting wall"

You may need to use the "Edit 3D Wall Hole" to get the "cut" to look correct.

You may need to edit the symbol to get the storefront properly placed in the hosting wall...takes a little tweaking but you'll get there.

email me @ wgardner@vectorworks.net if you have further problems...I probably have the file that created those images around still.


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Thanks for the help Wes.

I managed to get it working and indeed it had to do with removing and adding frames and making panels "open" as you mentioned. Didn't think of making the "system" a symbol. That would make it a whole lot easier.

In my pic attached I still have the two walls on separate layers. But now setting up as a symbol will make layering easier. I will try the symbol method next.

Thanks again.

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I appreciate your input on these curtain wall threads. We're getting up to speed on the curtain tool wall but having difficulties taking the approach you've described above around corners.

From other threads I'm reading, it's been proposed to add a dummy corner window, then overlay a separate curtain wall object with corner (not embedded in a symbol) into the corner location.


This approach seams to work, but there are some inherent limitations and the additional objects definitely slows down our workflow.


Is there another more standard approach that we should be using in VW for corner windows?



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