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Even though Marionette, (I mean VW2016), hasn't been released in this part of the globe, I have a couple of quick questions - based on the videos/Techboard Posts released and the Developers Wiki I've been reading/following-

1. Seeing that Marionette scripts can be wrapped in to a wrapper 'object', can the data generated from these objects be scheduled into a worksheet? Would that procedure be the same as plugin objects? > Set Database Row > Cell Formula =('PIOName','PIOParameter')

2. After the marionette script is built, would you be able to export the marionette script into python/VS and create a PIO off of that?

3. Also one for JimW, any ETA on the Manual you're writing up? Would love to have a read before VW2016 gets released here in NZ.

Thanks in Advance


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3. Also one for JimW, any ETA on the Manual you're writing up? Would love to have a read before VW2016 gets released here in NZ.

JimW - Even if it means releasing the manual in chunks as soon as you finish each chapter; We've gotten used to your spelling mistakes by now. ;)

I know I am at a total loss about how to start using it (even more so after reading the two pages on the wiki), and it was the main new feature I was really excited to use.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1) Yes, you can actually push it into a record directly via the Marionette script itself if you want.

2) Yes, any Marionette script you make will let you see it as raw Python at any time, so it could be brought right into the normal editor and made into a plugin object via that method as well.

3) The mini guide I've made is pretty introductory, it only covers the basic node/connection interface, performing mathematical operations, building simple geometry from scratch, basic manipulation of created geometry and then near the end I detail a section on performing some light surgery on an existing Marionette object to convert it from a parametric, insert-able skylight object to a flush mount ceiling light fixture instead.

I want to go much further, but for the moment I'll be going from that to Energos and SubDivs trainign materials. I'll be pushing for more resources to be allotted for Marionette since there is such a heavy interest, but I am not sure if it will be approved sooner rather than later.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

They're coming soon, working on Subdivision tutorials now, I would expect Marionette stuff to be public in a matter of days, just have to get it hosted properly with the needed exercise files.

Some of the stuff starts from a blank document to teach the basics but in order to cover a few more advanced topics quickly some of it starts from a more complex existing script that the user then modifies.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Super soon, hopefully, I am not permitted to talk about most ETAs but I just tied up everything in the first part (the first 6 chapters or so of hopefully more to be released) of that project with a bow this morning. I wouldn't expect it to take much longer.

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