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reshape node for marionette


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Hi all

This idea is not matured. But maybe someone can be excited for it and help to finish it or push me to continue with this :-). Workflows are very country specific and scope specific. Lets say maybe at the End of BIM-Processes. Where details (rubber gasket etc.) have to be documented and parts has to be produced.

I would want to follow up on this, because there is such a big potential for many building part supplier. Maybe a 3D reshape node, could also serve the design for a 3D Modell.

How it works: (is planned)

Just putting a Drawing in a Marinette Object. In the Marinette network there are resphape nodes wich are connected to reshape zones. Those Zones has to be integrated in the drawing. Every reshape node, produces a value in the Object info palette.

What my example shows:

1. A Marionette Object with 3 "reshape" nodes. One Node reshapes all over the right side. The Other one reshapes with half of the value.

2. Also there are Lines in the Drawing which are connected to a worksheet. So values for piece should be calculated in that worksheet.

This Example contains dwg import with suboptimal geometries and thousands of vertex points. No problem, it works is still without delay.

Known Issues:

- Reshape of dimension inside the object. Several object types not supported

- No 3D, No PathObjects etc. Do not enter sub-containers etc. (don’t has to, i think)

- Link to worksheet is not yet realized

- filter list-input (more than one). Also automatic filter for itself and other reshape zones not realized yet

- do not support polyline holes and polylines

- Deleting zones not yet supported

- more than one node creates handle problems for the zones

Seems all solvable. But Support for all Objects could be unsolvable for me (it starts with dimensions)

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A much better, more flexibel version of the reshape node.

The request for this kind of node, was not very big :-)

But I still worked on this project.

This node needs further explanations. I uploaded a movie for that node:


1. Input a group in this node

2. This group contains a first group with drawing content

3. A second group with reshape groups in

4. A Reshape group contains a polygon and a parameter-dimension.

5.The reshape group has to be in front of the drawing group

6. The Input Nodes in the Marionette network inputs a parameter name and a value

7. The parameter name, has to be exactly (First two characters) the same, like the prefix of the parameter-dimension text. A suffix can be used, to set a operator (factor). In this way, there can be used a reshape zone which calculates his value out of another value without having its own input field (An object, which has to stay somewhere on a midpoint etc.)

Vectorworks file with examples:


parametrisches Symbol v2016.vwx

parametrisches Symbol v2017.vwx

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Personally a big hope of me is, that the developpers have mercy and provide build-in functions to reshape.

1. How fantastic it was, we could handle a "Reshape"cube (3D) or a Polygon (2D) and at least modify objects the same way like the 2D Reshape tool (The engine seems to be there, we just need that in Marionette or script commands)

2. Even More fantastic if the tool (AND OR the function) could be setted up (An option level of how many times enter groups ) to go into containers (Extrudes etc) and modify as many geometry as possible.

No constraints, no relations (no geniuses just a routine peace of work) would be necessary to realise such a powerfull and incomparable feature !!!

OK, propably not as easy as that:-) .... but please

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I've been working on a version of this that works with 3D objects. Now I want to share my result with you.

The Node works with Nurbs and general solids. But, there are further restrictions. For Nurbs, it works in +x and +y direction, but only if you have a shape that is linear in this direction - so you will want wo use it only for the x or the y direction. The part for solids only works in +x direction, though it should be fairly easy to change that to y+. But it also only works with perfectly rectangular solids - something like a brick - as I finally had to use the GetBBox method to get the dimension and position of the objects.

Atm the 2D-functionality of DomCs nodes is disabled, but as I only commented it out, feel free to use it. I think I changed nothing to not work properly. And also a BIG thanks to DomC! I wouldn't be able to pull this off if he hadn't done all of the initial work.


Reshape Node v2017.vwx

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Cool, you working on this !


I made a short Test:

1. Works perfectly on NURBS Curves and Surfaces

2. Your solid part I did not unterstand the first look. Looks like you re-model the bounding box of the solid with 3D Polys?


I think the final solution had to be, to process every object Type in a different "Reshape" function. 

As example an extrude, we had to go inside the extrude, check the exact position of the Planar part of the extrude and reposition the points. Also there had to be a check, in which direction the planar part has to be reshaped etc. Also a problem is, how to make z-value changes user friendly enough. Maybe there had to be fixed direction "Reshape Cubes" instead of Reshape Polygons.

A hard work in progress ....


Thanks for posting.

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Well, I had to dynamically resize a kitchen counter with 400+ singel parts, so this seemed the best way to do it :-)

Working on NURBS wasn't hard, as they had get/set point methods available.

For the solid part I had a hard time getting anything to work with like edges or corners. So I used the bounding box to get the geometry. With those corner points I built a poly and extruded it - I could have used a rectangle, too, but poly had this easy Add3DPoint-method.... The last thing is to add the two solids - the old object and the newly created.


The big problem I see with reshaping solids is getting handles. I'd have liked to just pull the right surface, but there was no way to get there. As for changing the z-value, the workflow at te moment just isn't fit to do this as you define the reshape zones in "2D Plan"..


I might look into changing 3D Polys this week as its a bit quiet here this week, but apart from this I'm not looking to much into modifying this further, I'm afraid..

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Yes, I want more reshape handles:

but better as parametric "Dimension line" / in a dimensioned Symbol, i want change the value of one or more Dimensionlines in to Parameter for Marionette.

All the Parts with unchanged Dimensionlines are fix, the "parametric Dimensionlines" reshape the rest or a part of the "2d/3d Objects in the Symbol".


sorry "google translate"


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