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voronoi familiar colorful cubes

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This Marionette network uses a custom node, which implemented the pixel-based try and error code (I think there is no other way to create voronoi, is it?) from here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosetta_Code

Instead of Pixels it uses rectangles which were extruded in random height (ground height is different in every voronoi cell). And different full spectrum random colours (which would look much better with adapted colour design).

Carefull playing around with values. Do not enter to high or to low values. Creating 843'135'013 extrudes, could take a while :-)



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The great thing about Marionette is that it allows us to use any of the existing Python libraries.....and there are alot of them. Scipy and Numpy for example, are huge libraries with lots of good stuff and can be installed using these instructions. The idea is that for VW and Marionette to have access to them they need to be installed in the "Python33\Lib\site-packages" folder of the VW application. Also attached is an example of using these libraries (a couple of functions from them wrapped in a node) to generate a random Voronoi pattern as a plugin object. I'm hoping to provide a stand alone installer for some of these libraries in the near future, it's a little tricky curently. Let me know if you have problems.



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I'm hoping to provide a stand alone installer for some of these libraries in the near future, it's a little tricky currently. Let me know if you have problems.

Mark: I'm having some difficulties with the Python install instructions you provided for Mac OS X. I am no 'Terminal' wizard, and unfortunately the instructions have not been dumbed down enough for my very limited UNIX skill set.

If I follow the instructions on Install Python, NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib on Mac OS X then it installs the incorrect version of Python (2.7), but if I follow your instructions, I can't get 'pip' to install properly.

Should the .bash_profile contain both of these lines?

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/share/python:$PATH
export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3/bin:$PATH

The first line is from the penandpants.com instructions, the second is from your instructions.

Thanks in advance.

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Mark - thanks for the reply.

That would be great - I was just attempting to follow the steps in the .txt file you posted regarding installing Scipy and Numpy on Mac OS X. Perhaps I misread your post and thought you would need to install these two Python modules if you wanted to work with the Voronoi Marionette example.

It may have been unnecessary research, but I found what seems to be a good resource on initial setup for Python on Mac OS X: Hackercodex.com :: Configuring Mac OS X on Yosemite & Mavericks

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Great - thanks for the clarification Mark. It was installing pip3.3 where I ran into difficulty with the VW package-installed Python version.

Does the Python version have to be 3.3.2 for Vectorworks? I noticed on the Python 3.3.2 release page that a newer security-fix release 3.3.6 is available. (They recommended using 3.3.6).

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Hi Tim

To install Numpy and Scipy on a Mac, use the description you got with these files. Make sure to install them where you can find them later because you'll need to move them to another folder.

Once they are installed just go to your Vectorworks.app and right-click it to enter the contents of the app ('show package contents'). Browse to Contents:Frameworks:Python.framework:Versions:3.3:lib:python3.3:site-packages and drop the folders "numpy", "numpy-1.9.3.dist-info", "scipy" and "scipy-0.16.0.dist-info" in there.

Now restart your Vectorworks and enjoy.

Have fun.

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Hi Tim

I think this shoud be possible. But maybe not every function can be used simply inside the Vectorworks "container". Particularly functions which wants to open a dialog window, print something in the terminal Window and other user interaction.

The instruction from Mark and FunkyBass for Numpy-Installation works fine here. I Installed it in a separate folder. And then copy/pasted it in the Vectorworks Application Content.

I would not overplay with actions like this ...

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I would not overplay with actions like this ...

@DomC: I agree completely. Copying and pasting folders inside of application packages makes me very nervous.

@Vectorworks: This does not seem like the safest system for users to install additional Python packages. Would it be possbile for Vectorworks to have a symbolic link inside the Vectorworks application package which soft linked to the user's Python installation folder which is outside of Vectorworks?

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We actually added a path exactly for this reason on the mac. It should be available in SP2. It is just outside the package at

"../Libraries/PythonExternals". Python modules will be available to VW and Marionette from this location.

Also, In response to DomC above...I have seen Marionette launch dialogs and plot data from SciPy. It is possible.

Take a look at the enormous functionality of these libraries. http://docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/

All sorts of good stuff there. VW + Marionette + Signal Processing? ;-)

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Take a look at the enormous functionality of these libraries. http://docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/

All sorts of good stuff there. VW + Marionette + Signal Processing? ;-)

Mark - would it be possible with added Python libraries to create a Marionette node that functions similarly to Grasshopper's 'Image Sampler' node?

Something that could create 2D surface patterns by sampling a reference image:

designcoding :: Facade Study – Bitmap Pattern

designcoding :: Image Sampler Revisited


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Hi @DomCand @Mark Flamer, wanting to implement a voronoi pattern in vectorworks, the file that was attached to this thread from the old forum has disappeared. Any chance of re-uploading please. (adding @MarissaFand @Alan Woodwellif maybe either of you had downloaded it and have a copy?)

@JimWis this common with all previous attachments at the old forum? Will they be migrated forward at sometime?


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