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Facade file from launch video

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Thanks for reporting Alan. Please modify your script with the following bypass. Please really, do it. (Do it, do it ....)

It is a task for you. I Just made a special fix personally (it is 4.00 o'clock ->Screenshot why I am awake) for you! :whistle:


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:) well they will keep you awake.

Congratulations, as I always used to say to my wife who is a midwife when visiting her at work, boy that's a fresh one. Not very old.

LOL I added it in :) Nice.

Apologies up front for what I have done to your network.

Just change the lowest on the list and Surprise.


Was hoping to get them to rotate in but oh well.

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Actually looking at it now this breaking the building into its components the way I did helps you to understand the network and how to build a network. Its such a daunting tasks for most but if you break it down into its components it all becomes clear.

At first glance at you building and network it looked so complicated so you just have to have that rigid mindset to follow it all through and it becomes clear.

To all starting out just take one step at a time and bit by bit you get it.

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