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I've browsed through the nodes and it feels like what's available so far are the basic building blocks from Vectorscript/Python. I'm assuming the next step is to create some intermediate nodes for those of us with limited coding experience who want to experiment with visual scripting.

For example there is a node for creating an Extrude Along Path but not for Duplicate Array or Duplicate Along Path, two functions that would be very powerful for experimentation. I assume this is because EAP functionality exists directly in Vectorscript whereas the other two are functions built from code.

Clearly someone with scripting experience could build those nodes from scratch. But for experimenters like me these are the type of intermediate nodes I would hope to see on the development path to bridge the gap between coder and average user.


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For now, Python is basically a wrapper around the existing Vectorscript calls.

For the "fairly" simple things that an individual Marionette node should do, you can probably think in VS and write it almost line for line as Python.

For me the hardest part is making sure that the capitalization is EXACT and remembering the white space matters. In Python the VS Begin and End statements you use to define the scope are replaced by having everything in the block have the same indentation.

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i don't know if i asked this already, but i'll try nevertheless: is it possible in the marionette to convert some shape to a graphics' node?

i mean e.g.: i want to use my own, manually created polyline as a path for the distribution of the, say, columns created in a marionette network...

thx in advance,


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Several ways.

One would be to name the object you want to use as the path. Then in the Marionette network you could access the object by name and use it as you want.

Another way would be to make a Control Group. This is kind of like the path and profile objects in an extrude along path. You can access/edit this by right clicking on the Marionettte Object.

I think you are stuck with the name option if you want to do it with a Marionette Network or Wrapper Node instead of with a Marionette Object.

See the following thread for more information about Control Groups


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One would be to name the object you want to use as the path. Then in the Marionette network you could access the object by name and use it as you want.

yes, name is "mypath" alias in data name of poly-line and scatter by duplicating of circles

(i forgot to filtered number of points to duplicate-node)

i made such

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Even though Marionette, (I mean VW2016), hasn't been released in this part of the globe, I have a couple of quick questions - based on the videos/Techboard Posts released and the Developers Wiki I've been reading/following-

1. Seeing that Marionette scripts can be wrapped in to a wrapper 'object', can the data generated from these objects be scheduled into a worksheet? Would that procedure be the same as plugin objects? > Set Database Row > Cell Formula =('PIOName','PIOParameter')

2. After the marionette script is built, would you be able to export the marionette script into python/VS and create a PIO off of that?

3. Also one for JimW, any ETA on the Manual you're writing up? Would love to have a read before VW2016 gets released here in NZ.

Thanks in Advance


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