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Sluggish Behavior 2106

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Has anyone noticed a sluggish behavior to 2016? I'm having some issues. Not terrible but enough to frustrate me. When I pan, there's a micro delay. Dimensioning and lines also seem to be slightly delayed. I'm wondering if the specs on my computer are now starting to take a hit with the new release. Maybe there's a setting I'm needing to turn off? No issues with 2015. Jim, might that be the case, that it's time for a new computer? Thanks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If your iMac is from the Core2Duo era (im just going by your signature) then it is possible, those iMacs would have had weaker graphics cards than our minimum requirements.

However, let me check to be sure, send this:


to me at jwilson@vectorworks.net and I can confirm.

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When I used an older mac some years ago, I used a RAM clearer/cleaner and upgraded RAM and Graphics Card to as far over-spec as I could afford...

The thing that made to biggest difference is to go solid state with you memory...

amazing improvement.

Also, clean and clear your computer desktop, unwanted programs, files and turn off things like Skype/itunes/radio/videos with autorun...

The dual monitor may need a lightning cable...?

Or buy a new Mac?

Ha ha just kidding.

Perhaps it's because you're running VW2106 which will have some bugs i imagine...

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