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node example for filling an area with symbols

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Awesome work DomC,

Did you create the Marionette node 'Duplicate Symbol Folder on an area'

or is this a preloaded node?


I did with Marionette wires too. It would work. But stopped on this for working on other exercises :-).

I got holiday this week and I have to complete all those ideas NOW. After that I have to go back to other work ...

Incomplete example with wires attached. It's incomplete (It fils up the area with the last symbol and do not start again with first symbol). Randomness also not included there.

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Great tool DomC, thanks for sharing it!

We have a need in rendering for what I call a "treeline horizon" tool or menu, that will fill in the blank space on the horizon between the building and the sky. We almost developed this internally but didn't get to it. A Marionette solution is exactly where I landed on that idea - it's great to see it implemented so soon after 2016 was released! :-)

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I enjoy you take an interest in that tool. Thank you!

The Idea to use this on a 3d "area" seems to be very interesting.

The node script based on the vs.PtInPoly(p, h) function which handels to the control geometry. If there is no poly it will end in a script error.

For use it on a 3D Surface or a NURBs would be a complete different challenge. The symbol insertion part would be the same. But we would have to somehow build 3D Points on a NURBS Surface. Should be not impossible ...

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For now the fastest way could be to keep your existing RandomSymbolNetwork alive and update the SymbolInFolder-Node with Version v02 . I extended the SymbolFoder Node as follows:

A new Checkbox "IsFileFolder"

If this Option is switched on, it takes all Symbols from a FileFolder in the Library/Defaults/MySymbolAreas/[Foldername.vwx] imports them and move them in a SymbolFolder (To not crash your ressource order ) with the same name.

Maybe a future (easy) adaption could be, to always import the symbols in the same folder and delete the old symbols in the folder. So you can try out external content, without filling up your document ressources. reasonable?



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I've just tooled with it and with DomC help i succeed in obtaining random scaled symbols on the 3D form. ( neat)


I'd like to play with the "angle" PortIn of the "symbol 3D v01" node.


Does it take only real or int values? I assumed it could act on the "Rotate 3D" value of the 3D symbol object, therefore i thought it would take 3 values.


It seem to me I have to generate the 3D symbols and then 3D rotate them?


Is that the best way to do it?


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