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Animationworks Output Error

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Hi Team,

I have been tackling animationworks recently and I have hit some issues I'm someone has experience with. It seems to be hit and miss with outputting the video file, I have to leave it overnight to render so I'm a bit disappointed when the file created is corrupt or incomplete and because I'm not here watching it I'm not sure at which stage the error is occurring.

My first thought is the same rendering issue I've encountered numerous times where if the scene is too complex or contains too many polygons all I get is a black viewport. in less complex but still high polygon viewports I get textures not appearing, especially prevalent on screen textures etc. If this is a factor in the animationworks engine then it could be simply expressed that Vectorworks is incapable of rendering high polygon scenes.

I hope this is not the case and I'm interested in others experience. The file from last night appears to be half of the desired file size and when attempting to open it I get the message "Error -2048: Couldn't open file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands"

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I'm just getting back into Animation Works. I used it a few years ago. The new version has the option to save small portions of the animation separately and you can put them together later. Much like they do when rendering films.

Did you get what you want when you did it in Open GL? Is it only Final Renderworks that is a problem? Have you tried it without lighting?

I'll be able to offer more help in the coming weeks.


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I find the easiest way to create your animation is set up a series of saved views along the path you want to walk then when you go to crete animation, select move along path then select edit. You will see your saved views then simply click on one and select the arrow to put it in, then preview. It will preview in open GL. this will give you the chance to adjust the speed etc and check for textures and lights.

Also in the edit path animation pallet you can click on the time ruler at the top and it takes you to a frame to look at.


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Alan, We were discussing the 3rd party add-on called AnimationWorks that makes objects rotate and move along paths etc.. I use it to animate a stage revolve. And backdrops flying in and out at the same time. And scenic wagons traveling on and off stage. I've attached a very simple mockup of a show that we just started working on yesterday. It is best opened with quicktime so you can use the arrow keys to go forwards and backwards.

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Alan, We were discussing the 3rd party add-on called AnimationWorks

Yes thats the one I use to create animations for walkthrough of a building and I was describing a simple way to do it.

I do use it for animating this also, see pool attached. Click Model/Animation works and click ok to start the animation. The water appears to move, its an optical illusion because of the frequency of the oscillation.

I would use this method to walk around the stage to replicates the actors movements and you will see exactly what they see.

You could also place the characters in and move them around and sit in the audience and view the performance movements, even animate the lighting.

Well that's enough work for you today, lol.

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