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Anyone have experience with Artlantis?

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I've heard favorable things about the Artlantis rendering program from some folks who are serious power users of Vectorworks. I use only Renderworks now, but I'm curious to know what impressions others may have out in Vectorworld who are familiar with this application. Thanks in advance

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I've used both Art*lantis and Renderworks for a couple of years now. I use Art*lantis for larger pprojects that need a more detailed rendering for client presentation and Renderworks for quick color renderings. I have found that adobe created graphics import and are easier to manipulate in Art*lantis which is a big plus for me.

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I taught myself to use artlantis on the weekend ( the demo is a free download) and I have to say it is awesome.

Very easy, good result etc.

There's a vectorworks plugin which makes exporting easier (note that the instructions for installing it are slightly wrong...read the .html readme in the installer).

No animation capabilities that I have found yet, but simple and intuitive.

I haven't used Renderworks though, so I can't comment on that...

Here's the 2 I have done since the weekend


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Annimation is in the render pull down menu. You can use a stock path or create your own.

Another feature is the ability to take a photograph of a location and use it as a background. You can then insert your rendering in proportion and with correct perspective in the foreground. They call it "parallel views" as a rener option. This is new in version 4.5 but I haven't tried it yet.

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You can do the following:

1. Create a camera path for a walk through type animation.

2. Create a Virtual Reality animation that allows the viewer to control the view interactively.

3. Solar animations to simulate sun paths at the location and time of year of your choosing.

Individual objects within the rendering cannot be animated as in Cinema 4D.

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I have used both Art?lantis and Renderworks. Art?lantis rocks! Renderworks blows (at least when it first came out it did). I gave up on Renderworks a long time ago. Art?lantis is so intuitive and easy to use. The results are awesome too. My only complaint is that the lighting can be difficult to set up properly.

Art?lantis is definitely worth the money. Go for it.

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