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change value of record field in symbol definition


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Can someone point me in the right direction?

I have a script that successfully

Creates a record format

Creates a symbol folder

Creates a symbol

Attaches the record format to the symbol

Now I'd like to change the values in the fields attached to a symbol. (Eventually, several symbols will use this record format.) The symbol has not been inserted into the drawing. I want to change the values in the symbol definition.

SetRField(symbolHand, nameOfRecordFormat, nameOfField,'This is a test'); doesn't seem to do it.

Is this possible? Do I need to create a different record format with default values for each symbol?

Any ideas?



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How can I make sure?

The symbol is not inserted into the drawing. I'm capturing the handle to the symbol with a GetObject immediately after the symbol is created.

symbolHand := GetObject(nameOfSymbol);

Even after SetRField(symbolHand, nameOfRecordFormat, nameOfField,'This is a test'); the symbol definition still has the default record format values.



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