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1. Under the Organize menu select "Create Report"

2. Change "List All" combo box to "Symbols"

3. Check the box that says "Summarize"

4. The combo box beneath "Summarize items with same" should read "Symbol Name"

5. Click "Options"

6. Check "Search in symbols" (this will give you a count of all nested symbols)

Hit OK.

You'll get a worksheet showing a list of all symbols in one column and a count in the next column.

If you want to place this worksheet on the drawing, select the worksheet in the Resource Palette an check the box "On Dwg".

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If you want to get a count of, for example, all of a symbol called SYMBOL-3 on LAYER1, you could enter in a worksheet cell

=(COUNT((S='SYMBOL-3') & (L='LAYER1')))

I don't know the formula for looking for symbols within symbols, but there's a pretty useful chapter on these sorts of formulas in the VectorWorks manual. Maybe you can find it in there, or maybe someone else knows it.

If you just want a quick count for your own information, you can use the Custom Selection 2 option under the Organize menu (in VW9 and 10, anyhow). Select your criteria, and it'll show the number of objects that fit your selection in the lower right corner. There is a checkbox for looking within symbols.

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