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Can I isolate a wall elevation?


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I've used VW mostly for 2d, and other apps for 3d. Im now trying to see about just using VW for everything.

Other apps have some way to enter wall elevation modes for editing. Is there any such mode inside VW to isolate this type of editing? I've tried viewports but I can't seem to edit this way - only view.

Here is an example in Chief Architect of what I am looking for (skip to 6:42 to see what I mean):


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One way is to use the clip cube to isolate the elevation you are wanting to work on.

If you select the cupboards on one elevation and hit the Clip cube you will see that only and you can navigate to a straight view of it by the numbers on the keypad.

Untick the cube and you see all the plan again and do the same for another elevation.

Not the best but its an option.

Make sure you double click outside the cube to edit within it.


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Sorry Mike, Active Only probably won't work.

Unless the wall and all of the parts of the doors and windows are all in the same class, When you go to Active Only almost everything will disappear.

Active Only is exactly that. Show the objects that are in the Active class. Any objects that have a different class but are "contained" by an object in the active class (think groups, symbols, walls, etc.) will not display.

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Jcaia- wonder what are your software and hardware specs. Adding them to your "signature" can be quite helpful in getting answers to your questions. Relevant in my response: because in 2014 I used a clip cube for isolating parts of my 3D model for editing. In 2015 the clip cube doesn't work with my hardware, yes, time for the upgrade with more graphics memory. So, I use a camera to get a wide angle perspective views which works quite well - even better than an elevation view, I think.

...those CA parametric cabinet objects looked pretty good to me.

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